Many people are making money by making images with the help of artificial intelligence and this is an advanced field, with the help of which we can create very good and copyright free images with our prompts and use them in our projects. Different AI base softwares are working in this regard but many people complain that all the softwares either charge too much or their free version is too low. limit, so users are advised to log in to their account again.

Midjourney plus

There is also a similar software whose paid version is purchased for $10.

  Today I am going to tell you about some softwares that we can use to create images with the help of prompts and create them absolutely free.

1. Playground AI:

Free 1000 pics per day

It is a web based software that allows us to create images very quickly and it allows us to create thousands of images in a day for free.

2. Blue Willow

  It is a web-based software that allows us to create various types of characters, digital artwork, graphics, concept landscapes, and humanoid characters very easily. The most interesting thing is that none of its limit-ups can create unlimited graphics with its help.

3. Stable Diffusion

A freeware is a software that allows us to do a lot of powerful work and is completely free to use and open source.

4. Leonardo Ai

With the help of this software, we can create different types of portraits very well, this is a great thing for people who make gaming applications.

5. Bing Image Creator

It is also a free artificial intelligence based image generator that is attached to BingChat.

6. Adobe Firefly

In this software, you can create images with the help of written text, expand your created images, create images with the help of sketches and many other such tasks.


7. Lexica

We can use it without any effort and create 100 images per month.

AI-created images can be used in various beneficial ways:

1. Artistic Creations: 

AI-generated images can serve as unique and creative artwork, providing new forms of expression for artists and designers.

2. Data Augmentation:

 In machine learning, AI-generated images can be used to augment training datasets, enhancing model performance and generalization.

3. Medical Imaging:

 AI-generated images can be utilized to enhance medical imaging, aiding in diagnosis and treatment planning.

4. Simulation and Training:

 AI-generated images can create realistic virtual environments for simulations and training, such as flight simulators or medical procedures.

5. Product Design and Prototyping: 

AI-generated images can help visualize product designs and prototypes quickly and cost-effectively.

6. Entertainment and Gaming:

 AI-generated images can be used in video games and entertainment to create dynamic and visually appealing content.

7. Advertising and Marketing:

 AI-generated images can be employed in advertisements and marketing campaigns to catch viewers’ attention and convey specific messages.

8. Enhancing Photography: 

AI can enhance low-quality images, reduce noise, and improve image resolution, benefiting photography and image editing industries.

9. Generative Art: 

AI-generated images are at the core of generative art, a form of art created using algorithms to produce unique and constantly evolving visuals.

10. Accessibility: 

AI-generated images can be used to create customized visual content for people with disabilities, making information more accessible to a broader audience.

11. Automated Content Creation:

 AI-generated images can be utilized to create visual content automatically for websites, social media, and other digital platforms.

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