Best, Useful and Creative Apps for Research Scholars.

Muhammad Mubark Ansari

In this blog, we will explore a selection of highly beneficial applications for research scholars in the fields of Islamic and Arabic languages and literature. These apps have been categorized for your convenience, and their links are provided for easy installation on your mobile devices or laptops. Let’s delve into the world of these powerful apps to enhance your research experience!

Understanding the Quran

  1. Urdu Quran (16 lines per page) 

    ( Download )

    This app presents the Quran in a 16-line format, making it easier to read and memorize.

  2. اعراب القرآن الكريم بدون نت 


    A valuable resource for understanding Arabic grammar and pronunciation in the Quran.

  3. Quranic Researcher 

    (Download )

    This app serves as a comprehensive search engine for the Quran, enabling efficient research.

Understanding Hadith

  1. Al-Maktabah Ash-Shamila (For Mobile) 

    (Download )

    Al-Maktabah Ash- Shamila Urdu

    A vast collection of Islamic books and Hadith for easy access on your mobile devices.

    (For Computers) (Link: Download)

  2. Jawami’ al-Kalim (For Computers)


    An essential tool for in-depth research and analysis of Hadith texts.

  3. Easy Quran Wa Hadees

  4. (For Mobile) 

    (Download )

    An easy-to-use app providing access to both the Quran and Hadith in one place.

    Islam360: Quran, Hadith, Qibla

  5. ( Download )

    A comprehensive app offering various Islamic resources, including Hadith collections.

  6. Maktaba Jibreel

    (For Computers) 


    (For Mobile) (Link: 

  1. ( Download )


    Access an extensive library of Islamic books and Hadith for scholarly pursuits.

Urdu-Arabic Dictionaries

  1. Urdu Thesaurus


  1. (Download)

  1. An Urdu dictionary that assists in finding synonyms and related words.

Writing Practice

  1. ColorNote Notepad Notes.

  1. ( Download)

  1. A useful application to write and save notes of any kind, with the convenience of Google Backup.

Scanning and PDF Conversion

  1. Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App


  1. (Download )

  1. Easily scan important notes, manuscripts, or any books and convert them into PDF format.

Ad-Free File Sharing.

  1. Mi Drop (Ad Free) (Link: [Not provided, please search on the Google Play Store])

Extensive Library of Islamic Books

  1. Al-Maktabah Al-Waqfiyyah 

  1. (Download)

  1. A collection of over 20,000 Islamic books to aid your research endeavors.

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Tarteel: Quran Memorization

These carefully curated apps cater to the specific needs of research scholars, providing a wealth of resources to delve deeper into Islamic and Arabic studies. Embrace these technological aids to enhance your research capabilities and expand your knowledge in your chosen field of study. Happy researching!

Best, Useful and Creative Apps for Research Scholars.

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