List of 6 psychological diseases That can effect an invisible way.


6 psychological diseases that can affect us in an invisible way and we do not give importance to them as a mere habit. They can be treated by a psychiatrist.


  1- Clinomania

  Strong desire to stay in bed all the time.


2- Jouska

   artificial or imaginary talk of the mind, in which a strong desire arises which compels you to make up inventions and to live in an imaginary world all the time, e.g.

  Creating fake or fictitious scenarios in your mind on a daily basis, creating fictitious people and fictitious dialogues in fictitious conversations, i.e. creating situations and events in the world of ideas that are false, unrelated to reality but You believe it to be true.


  3- Philophobia

  Fear of love

   Fear of engagement or marriage – fear that the ability to have a meaningful relationship with someone may be negatively affected. Seeing the painful separation of close relationships in childhood or adolescence and then being afraid to develop loving relationships in your life.


  4- Nyctophobia

  Extreme fear of the dark or night.


  5- Exulensis

  The feeling of finally losing the will to talk about anything.

  Fear that no one will understand you if you talk about the subject or after going through any experience related to yourself.


  6- Monachopsis

  The constant feeling that everyone ignores you.

Or the feeling that in every game no one is paying attention to you and you are in the wrong place.

Quote and translation from the Arabic article

List of 6 psychological diseases That can effect an invisible way.

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