My favourite apps:

Assalamualaiku, may God’s mercy and blessings be upon you, friends. My name is Muhammad Abdullah I am very fond of this work. I always collect the useful Apps. The best one is 

1. Al Quran Kareem – Taj Company


It also generates a weekly and monthly report keeping a record of the prayers. There is also an option to backup the Qaza prayers. As a Muslim I love this app so much. It is best to remember me that I am a Muslim.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

Time is Life by creating a Pomodoro 25-minute timer schedule to manage your time and tasks.

2- Manage your accounts, make a budget, borrow and save for goals, this is the wallet app that also has security code privacy.

3- Recitation and naat in your own voice with this app will help you to record children’s naat and recitation in beautiful voice instead of mic and amplifier.


4- Now let’s come to the art drawing app is amazing drawing of different leaves of plants for kids.

ColorColor: Step by Step

5- To wrestle or sharpen the mind.

Brain Training – Logic Puzzles

Deep Space: Moon

The beauty of this app is that by playing it, children will also gain knowledge of space.

Adeel Imtiaz has mad this App, he is also the owner of Takhti YouTube channel/ very informative videos to clear the concept of science.

6- Let’s come to the professionals:

مکتب علوم شریعت – MUS

Microsoft including Excel Word etc in one app

Cam scanner to scan the picture

For different courses

Digiskills apk

Jazz prho apk

One lesson is to use social media apps for knowledge rather than art

Apart from this there are many apps

If anyone is benefited, please pray for the me. May Allah bless all Muslims, including me, with the value of time in this world and in the hereafter, Amen.

My favourite apps: Muhammad Abdullah.

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