Some of the best websites in the internet world.


Sumar Irtiza.

1- Dictionary (Dictionary)

A collection of the world’s best dictionaries, the meaning of each word can be seen from different dictionaries at one place –

2- How Stuff Works (Information and Technology)

i.e. how things work, from human mind to mobile, from car engine to search engine, this website is one of the best places in the world of internet which is a source of knowledge from experts and professionals for common people – students must search this site –

3- Nation Master (Geography)

With information of all countries around the world, education, industry, economy, currency and all kinds of details (unfortunately the information about Pakistan is not updated, maybe it is because of the incompetence of Pakistan’s own statistical institute, but all kinds of information about other countries can be seen)

4-XE (XE) (currency exchange rate information)

Currency exchange rates of more than eighty-five countries of the world can be easily found – the oldest and largest currency website in the world, which also keeps records of historical rates along with the current of different countries –

5- About (Information)

Accessing information on the Internet is very easy, but to find out whether it is correct and updated? Difficult enough this website has made this difficult very easy where short and accurate information on every subject and daily life tips can be easily found-

6- Answers (Information and references)

If you want to ask any question then you can get the answer from the above website – Answers to millions of asked questions can be easily found in their respective articles – Best website for “Your problems and their solution” –

7- Pub Med (Health, Medical)

Free and reliable medical information source of more than seventeen million research papers – the best source of information for those in the medical field –

8- Ask Philosophers (Question and Answer)

Ask your questions, the world’s best philosophers will answer your questions, the answers of expert philosophers in each field can be seen in different categories –

9- Weather

Live and updated weather conditions for all major cities of the world, along with the forecast for the next several days –

10- Pogo (Game – Internet)

Popular free internet games website

11- Word Press (Internet Forum)

Easiest and fastest personal blogs can be created on Word Press-

12- 101 Cook Books (Foods)

The world’s best food website, taking guidance on how to prepare healthy meals –

13- Kiva (Finance)

Third World Poor but Skilled Business Finance Networks Website – Whether you live in Pakistan or Afghanistan, Kiva can help you if you need financial support for your business –

14- Get Net Wise (Internet)

All Internet users are aware of the problems of the Internet and viruses, etc. GetNetWise is the best source of information for Internet users on how to use the Internet safely, for adults and children – how to prevent virus attacks and how to make personal information safe –

15- Da Font (Internet and Web)

Over 7,000 Font Styles for Mac and PC Users – Useful Website for Art and Designers –


Find out the speed of your current Internet or Wi-Fi connection.


To take a high quality resolution screenshot of any website pages or from your mobile phone.


Upload any picture here, as many pictures as there are on the internet will be shown here.


Copy special words (letters), emojis, etc. which will not be found anywhere in your mobile.


Whatever you want to know, ask something or do a calculation etc., just search here. 

A very unique videos library in the internet world where you can download videos in HD high quality resolution with just one click and use them anywhere.


Remove background from any photo automatically without using any editing Photoshop etc.


An independent source of fonts collection where you can choose any font and use it anywhere.


Website free website for almost all popular Urdu fonts


Use this website to transfer your handwriting to RealFont.


Search for your desired username on hundreds of social media networks.


Solve algebra, calculus, trigonometry and other math problems with step-by-step detailed explanations.


Use it to upload your updates to social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook at scheduled times.


Check any link etc. whether it is safe or not to use this website.

Some of the best websites in the internet world.

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